Clubs and teams

Our Clubs in 2019/20



Brampton Rovers

Chesterfield Futsal

Chesterfield Junior Blues

Chesterfield Town

Handsworth Girls


Hepthorne Lane


London Helvecia

Matlock Town

Mansfield Town


Rotherham United Future Stars


Somersall Rangers

Spotbrough and Cusworth Crusaders

Stay On The Ball

University of Nottingham


Our Teams in 2019/20

u7/8 teams

Ashover Phantoms u7

Ashover Titans u7

Chesterfield Town Avengers u8

Chesterfield Town Spartans u7

Hasland u8

Hepthorne Lane

Stay On The Ball u8

Wingerworth Jaguars

u9/10 teams

Ashover Hurricanes u10

Ashover Panthers u9

Ashover Scorpions u9

Ashover Spitfires u10

Brampton u10

CJB Lions u10

Chesterfield Town u9 Girls

Chesterfield Town u10

Chesterfield Town u11


Somersall Rangers Whirlwinds

Stay On The Ball u10 A

Stay On The Ball u10 B

u11/12 teams:

Allestree u11 Valencia Red

Allestree u11 Valencia White

Ashover u11

Chesterfield Futsal

CJB Leopards u11

Chesterfield Town u11 Girls

Chesterfield Town u12

Handsworth Girls u12

Hasland u11

Hasland CFC u12

Hasland CFC u11 Girls

Mansfield Town Blue

Mansfield Town Yellow

Somersall Rangers

Spotbrough & CC u12

u13/14 teams:

Ashover Olympians

Brampton Rovers u13

Chesterfield Futsal Jets

Chesterfield Futsal u14

CJB Hawks

CJB Lightning Bolts

CJB Lightning Strikes

Chesterfield Town u13

Hasland u13 



Sleetmoor u14


Chesterfield Futsal

CJB Bulldogs

CJB Piranhas

Hasland u16

London Helvecia u15 A

London Helvecia u15 1

Matlock Town Gladiators

Matlock Town Spartans

Rotherham United Future Stars Red

Rotherham United Future Stars White

Somersall Rangers North

Somersall Rangers South

University of Nottingham