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Policy on fixtures

General policy on fixtures when they start again

The League is mainly about getting people to try futsal as a player, coach, referee or volunteer. It is more important to us that people try the game and enjoy it than that we have a formal league structure with winners and losers. But futsal is a competitive sport so we try to provide a competitive league environment for u12s and older age groups and competitive cup competitions for all age groups.

Where we have more than ten or so teams in an age group we will put all the teams into one division, and teams will play most of the other teams once only. Teams may not play all the other teams in their division, but all teams will play the same number of league games. This was agreed at the 2019 AGM as better than dividing a large group into two divisions because its the best way to give teams a wide variety of opponents. League tables will still be published based on actual games played.

Fixtures can be found on this website (see pages attached to this page) and (when we can get it to work) on FA Full-time. We will issue weekly reminders to managers.

How can I change a fixture?

If you want to change a fixture please contact Simon Bannister on 07999 688222 giving as much notice as possible. It may not be possible to re-arrange a fixture in which case the team requesting the change may forfeit the match.

What do I do if I am unable to fulfil a fixture?

If you find you can’t play a match on the date fixed, please tells us a soon as possible (contact Simon Bannister on 07999 688222) and we’ll try to re-arrange it. That may be impossible because we have very little spare capacity this season, but if we can re-arrange a match within the league structure we will. If not you will forfeit that game. 

If we are unable to fill the game time allocated for your fixture we will fine you the match fee of £18. 

Any cancellation notified to us later than 1700 on the Wednesday before the game will automatically generate a fine of £18 whether we fill the game time or not. 

Any “no show” on the night will lead to a fine of £18 if we can find another team to fill the gap, or a fine of £36 if we cannot.

The fines are based on what it costs us to hire the facilities and to pay the referees. For example if a “no show” on the night means a game is not played, we still have to meet hire and referee costs from the missing £36 match fees.

How many fixtures can I expect?

We aim to give teams at least a dozen games in the season and some will have more. This could be a mixture of league and cup games with some friendlies. 

Can I have a couple of taster games?

If you want to try futsal let us know. In previous years we've had grassroots teams, professional clubs' academy and development teams, and women's teams playing a couple of games to see what its all about. Contact us at

Can I drop out of the league?

No problem. If for any reason you want to leave the league during the season that's OK. We don't fine teams for dropping out (unless you give us less than a weeks notice in which case we'll charge you for any match fees due in that week) and if you want to comeback in the future you'll be made very welcome.