We will publish league tables for u12s,  u14s, and u16  divisions, but this stage in the League’s development we are more interested in getting folks to play, enjoy and understand futsal than we are in formal league tables, so we want to remain flexible about when teams play (teams can start and finish their season when they want to, and can have closed dates on which they don’t play futsal, whenever they want to). 

If a team drops out of a fixture and the fixture cannot be re-scheduled, the points for the match will be awarded to their opponents and the league table will record a win and a defeat against the two teams as appropriate. If two teams are unable to play each other we will record a draw.  

Divisional winners will be the teams at the end of the season with the most points regardless of the number of games played.


u12s Table 2018/19

Final table


u14s Table 2018/19

Final table


u16s Table 2018/19

Final table