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 The new Queen's Park Sports Centre in Chesterfield town centre was formally opened on 7 January 2016. It was described by the Sport England representative as state-of-the-art and the best in England. 

We use the sports hall there on Fridays between 1715 and 2015. The sports hall accommodates 8 badminton courts so we will have two futsal courts approximately 36m by 21m in size, with futsal goals. 

There is a small spectators gallery on one side and some limited space to watch matches through large windows in the corridor.

The centre is operated by Chesterfield Borough Council; post code is S40 2ND. There are changing rooms, a free car park and a café.

Our second venue is Chesterfield College (S41 7NG). We play there between 1800 and 2000 on Fridays.

Teams, Matches and Fees


We put two age grous together in each division; so "u8s" means u7s and u8s together, "u10s" means u9s and u10s together, etc.

We play 25-minute games with no half-time. Kick-off times are 1720, 1750, 1820, 1850, 1920 and 1950 at Queens Park, and 1800, 1830, 1900 and 1930 at Chesterfield College, all on Fridays. If you want a particular kick-off time let us know at

Futsal is a 5-a-side game; squads can be up to 12 players but many teams bring no more than seven or eight players on match days.

You can register as many players as you like and if you have more than one team in an age group players can play for all your club's teams in that age group.

Club registration costs £30 per season, team registration is £10 per season, and match fees are £18 per team. Player registrations are free of charge but must be completed via the FA's Whole Game System.



We fully support the FA's Respect programme and will help clubs, teams, players, officials and spectators to understand and comply with the Respect Codes of Conduct. 



We use qualified futsal referees, one per court. We plan to use two referees per court for the older age groups in 2019/20.

If you are qualified and would like to referee for us, or try your hand at refereeing if unqualified, please let us know at



We welcome academy and RTC teams in the league. We find that academies like to play a small number of games over a short period rather than play regularly and we can accommodate that.

Other posibilities?


If you'd like to play longer matches, or with two referees, or at different times, or on different days, contact us at and we'll see what we can do.